Recognition breakfast at EastCo in Victoria

At Auxus, we are proud to be a people-first business and always look for an opportunity to award and recognise the hard work of our team. On 16th June, Shavi Gajaweera, General Manager – VIC, SA, TAS & NZ, Fadi Nissan, Integrated Services Manager, and Ayesha Mintern, Operations Team Leader, hosted a recognition breakfast for the teams.

At EastCo, not only do we provide concierge and workplace solutions under our Auxus entity, but our sister company, Glad Group Services, also supports the building by providing cleaning and security services. This model is a great display on how our teams can work together to provide an efficient integrated service and the best outcome possible for our customer.

We invite you to recognise the hard work of our team members and congratulate them for being an asset to our team!

Workplace solutions and concierge team

Ning Onn is known by all tenants of the building as she has managed to craft a wonderful reputation with everyone she interacts with onsite. Ning is welcoming and dedicated to providing all tenants a great experience and her hard work has certainly not gone unseen, well done!

Security team

From our security team, we would like to put the spotlight on Kanish Madan, as nothing is ever too much for him. He is always ready to learn, help and step us and has been a stellar mentor, colleague, and team player in his time at EastCo. Congratulations!

Cleaning team

And finally, from our cleaning team, we would like to thank Larry Gray, a brilliant, hardworking, kind, and friendly team member. He always shows an amazing attention to detail, always ensuring the building looks its best. Larry has recently been nominated for a Quarterly Service Excellence Award (Glad Group’s recently launched recognition program) for his can-do attitude and ongoing outstanding service.


Ayesha mentioned “Bringing together the teams here at EastCo to celebrate their success while recognising significant efforts is the least we could do to give back to the team that has given us this wonderful opportunity to succeed.”


We are thrilled to have a dedicated and capable team at Auxus, focused to deliver an unparalleled customer service with utmost professionalism and create welcoming workplaces. This is a display of our team’s capability and flexibility to work with different departments driving maximum efficiency and elevating customer experience.

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