Customer experience is everything

The art of bringing pleasure to business.

As the commercial world begins to return to the physical workplace, systems and services are pivoting to meet the new needs of clients and their visitors. We’re not talking about simply meeting functional service requirements, but the increasing importance of face-to face genuine engagement. Research shows that to deliver excellence in customer care, more than ever clients expect the frictionless service offering to be supported by an emotional value connection. It is this elevated empathy that will foster and invigorate trust relationships with our returning workforce going forward.

KPMG Customer Experience Excellence Report 2021 cites that ‘Customer centricity has been under the spotlight with shifts in focus caused by the pandemic coupled with increased customer and public attention on how brands interact and deliver for customers. More organisations in the Australian market realise their customers are assets to be nurtured and invested in. We are seeing organisations beginning to operationalise empathy. Customers want to deal with companies that show they care and can tangibly demonstrate their customers are important.’

It is the human condition to be drawn to where we feel appreciated and heard. This primal need together with the lack of collective real time contact over the pandemic, has called for workplace environments to attune to bringing real value connections across every customer-facing touchpoint.

Positive interaction is paramount and for the service sector, the emphasis is on creating and sustaining engagement with each client and in turn, their guests.

The KPMG report identifies six pillars that customer experience excellence is measured on –
1: Personalisation – Attention fosters an emotional connection,
2: Integrity – Trust is rewarded with loyalty,
3: Expectations managed – Not just met, but exceeded,
4: Issues resolved – Always deliver a positive outcome,
5: Seamless experience – Minimum effort = maximum client satisfaction,
6: Empathy – Understanding individual needs builds rapport.

When combined, these six human touch-points create loyalty, advocacy and a positive business relationship.

“As a premium integrated workplace solutions service partner, our role is to deliver on the occupancy needs of our clients across concierge, workplace, hospitality and car parking. Says Adam Keast, Head of Auxus.

But integral to offering a seamless service experience, we understand the total value of building guest love and loyalty. We want each visitor to feel special and ultimately, to want to come back, after all people do business with people they like’, he said.

In a recent PWC Future of Customer Experience survey, the question was posed to customers :
‘What truly makes for a good experience?’
The answer: Speed. Convenience. Consistency. Friendliness and human touch, creating real connections, trust is engendered not by simply solving an immediate problem or request, but by delivering a consistent response to each client’s needs.

Adam adds : “We provide premium support to the infrastructure of the building and believe that open communication across building services and site management is crucial. However, we deliver beyond our customer experience expectations, it’s the human touch that stands us apart. Building brand advocates in our building tenants and for their clients is so important.

Every interaction from the moment the visitor pulls into the car park, enters the lobby or arrives at the client floor is genuine and directly reflects our holistic brand values. Providing total customer service is everything and we’re about getting it right“.