Your tenants, visitors and their precious vehicles will always be in the best possible care.

Beyond offering safe keeping for cars, our team has a mandate to make the car park experience human again. The carpark is often the initial contact made with your building and we see our role as bringing life and joy to an often under appreciated service area. 


Of course as part of our premium offering, we can provide the technology, systems, cameras, payment gateway and customer service personnel to integrate a customer focused car park solution. For this, we partner with leading car park technology companies that enable us to provide 24 hour monitoring from a centralised A1 grade control room.


Our integrated customer experience approach encourages every guest to feel special, valued and sets a great impression even before they have been offered a coffee upstairs. 


At a glance:


Valet service.


Concierge integration.


24 hour remote monitoring services.


Carpark cameras.


Payment gateway.