Exceptional service is just the beginning.

Auxus is supported by over 33 years of property industry service experience as a member of the Glad Group of companies.

Exacting standards are part of our every day and in providing professional building services, our goal is to foster the human connection, tap into the culture of each business and to become a true extension of the team for both tenants and building owners.

There’s nothing we like more than seamlessly integrating into your working day. We take a holistic view to customer care throughout the building journey, from providing a fresh, efficient car park arrival experience, a welcoming and professional front desk, to proficiently and discreetly providing all workplace support services such as meeting room management and hospitality.

We are always looking for new ways to streamline services for our partners too, because with Auxus, it’s about creating on-going value to our clients, so that you can better service yours.

The team

We select our Auxus team members based not only on their core industry skills but we choose those that have the experience and innate ability to make building partners feel completely at ease and listened to. Our difference combines efficient, seamless service behind the scenes with attentive, engaged customer contact. Consummate professionals, our staff bring a finesse in anticipating the needs of our partners, their tenant, guests and customers, to consolidate operations and surpass all expectations. Every business environment is unique and we tailor our service to your needs. 


After taking your full brief, we will appoint on-brand staff who will be completely in line with your business or building culture and your operational requirements. 


We look forward to working with you.

Kiri Chase

Head of Auxus

With a foundation rooted in People & Culture,
Kiri has seamlessly transitioned into the role
of Head of Auxus, bringing a unique blend of
people-centric expertise to the realm of
Concierge & Workplace Services.
Armed with over 10 years of expertise in
consultancy, leadership, employee
engagement, and organisational
development, Kiri has a focus on redefining
the Auxus value proposition to leverage the
Glad Group experience and the power of
putting people first.

Simon Rubner

General Manager NSW/ACT

With more than 12 years’ experience in senior customer service roles, Simon is a leading stakeholder in relationship management having extensive experience in concierge services and workplace solutions.

Simon is recognised as passionate, results-driven and collaborative in his approach. Simon prides himself on his ability to think innovatively and act compassionately towards his clients in order to satisfy their requirements. This experience contributed to his well-rounded
perspective in managing workplace solutions for
major organisations.